Online Presentation

The number of online presentations will be limited to a maximum of 15 due to space constraints. If you want to make an online presentation, send an information email to . You need to use Skype and add the account of to your account list. 

Please, be online at Skype at your presentation time and prepare microphone and headset in advance.

Online Presentation List (No - Paper ID - Paper Name) 
1 - 32 - An Iterative Dynamic Ensemble Weighting Approach for Deep Learning Applications
2 - 272 - Classification of Parkinson Speech Data by Metric Learning
3 - 142 - A Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Android Application for Safe Driving
4 - 140 - The Analysis of RCS of Winged Almond Model with Ammunition and without Ammunition
5 - 167 - N-gram Based Approach to Recognize the Twitter Accounts of Turkish Daily Newspapers
6 - 208 - Fading Intelligence Theory: A Theory on Keeping Artificial Intelligence Safety for the Future